About Yan Kurniawan

It all began in Indonesia, a beautiful country where I was born. When I worked in Jakarta, a very busy and crowded city, I started developing my passion for landscape photography. It's my getaway from the busy city life, to go somewhere remote, enjoy beautiful sceneries and capture them on my camera. 

I moved to Australia in 2014, having to sell all my photography gear to cover the living cost before I get a job. It's not long after I got my first job in Australia that I started to buy new photography gear and continue pursuing my passion of landscape photography. 

I'm a self-taught photographer. I'm always passionate about my craft and always looking for the best way to present my photographic art.



2019 9th Place The Mono Awards - Places Category

2019 Overall Winner Crown Sydney Artist Initiative

2019 13th Place Australia's Top Emerging Photographers Awards

2018 4th Place Australian Photography Magazine POTY Landscape Category

2018 4th Place Focus Awards - Black and White Category

2018 Top 50 Epson International Pano Awards - Amateur Built Category

2018 2nd Place Australian Photography Awards - Landscape Category

2017 3rd Place Focus Awards Sunrise/Sunset Category

2017 Top 50 Epson International Pano Awards - Amateur Built Category

2017 Finalist Head On Landscape Prize

2016 Top 101 International Landscape Photographer of the Year

2016 Top 20 Australian Photography Awards - Landscape and Environment Category

2016 Top 35 REAL Australia Landscape Photo Awards

2016 Top 50 Epson International Pano Awards - Amateur Nature Category

2015 Top 50 Epson International Pano Awards - Amateur Built Category

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